Judgement Debt under £600

At CEA Limited, we are now accepting instructions to collect on judgement debts under £600. Our proactive and professional service ensures you get the money you have been awarded from a County Court Judgement quickly.

Have you been awarded a judgement from the court, but are struggling to get the debtor to pay? Is the judgement debt under £600?

At Civil Enforcement Agents Ltd, we are offering a brand new service that can quickly and effectively collect on judgement debts that are under £600. These small debts are often ignored by other enforcement companies because they can’t be taken through the High Court process.

However, our experienced debt recovery team have developed a new approach to collecting these judgements at a low cost to the creditor. Whether you are owed money by a business for late payment of invoices or to an individual, our debt collection service can benefit you.

How to collect judgement debt under £600

It’s quick and simple to instruct CEA Limited to collected your small judgement debt. Once we receive your instruction, we will start the process straight away.

  • The cost of our small judgement debt recovery service is £150
  • We don’t charge any commission on collection. You’ll receive the full amount of your debt, plus any costs ordered by the court
  • The cost includes up to two visits to the judgement debtor’s address, letters and payment negotiations
  • A dedicated account manager who will keep you updated on the progress of your debt
  • Contact made with your debtor within 48 hours of instruction
  • Debt collectors make visits nationwide, including evenings and weekends

The benefits of using CEA Limited for small judgement debts

Typically, County Court Judgements for less than £600 were sent to the County Court bailiffs to enforce. Judgment debts for more than £600 can use High Court Enforcement Officers.

However, even before the Covid-19 pandemic, County Court bailiffs were struggling to keep up with demand. With work building up during the lockdown restrictions, small judgement debts will not be top of their list when they return to full capacity.

Rather than simply waiting for your judgement debtor to pay, which generally they won’t unless chased by a collections agency, you can take proactive action by instructing our professional team.

To instruct us to collect your judgement debt under £600, simply complete this online form and either make the payment of the fees via bank transfer or call us on 0845 643 0635 to arrange a card payment.

judgement debt under £600
collect county court judgement debt

Judgement debts over £600

Is your County Court Judgement for over £600? In these instances, cases can be enforced through a High Court Writ of Control. You can find more information about High Court Enforcement here.

Contact our team of debt recovery specialists to find out more about our full range of services. Whatever type of debt you have, we can collect on it. Contact one of our local offices or call 0845 643 0635.

To discuss your business debt recovery requirements, including complex or bulk cases, contact us today on 0113 532 8350.

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