Remote CCTV Monitoring

At CEA Ltd we can support your business with all your site security requirements, including remote monitoring protection. Our aim is to empower businesses and provide them with the confidence that their assets are secure and their premises are safeguarded through a remote monitoring service.

At our up to the minute remote monitoring site, our professionally trained security experts have the latest electronic surveillance to hand. Through this we can offer an immediate response to any security breaches across the UK.

Our inclusive security service provides a cost-effective solution to clients in a range of industries nationwide. This ensures your premises, staff and visitors remain safe at all times of the day, with our state-of-the-art CCTV systems.

Every element of our service is provided to the highest quality and all work is finished to exacting standards. This includes the use of expertly qualified installers to ensure that the CCTV systems are fitted correctly and cover as much of your site as possible.

Once the system is installed and fully functioning, our remote monitoring station will maintain an extremely high level of service throughout. 

We work with clients who have a wide variety of security requirements and who may or may not already have some elements in place. Where you already have an existing surveillance system installed, we can work to integrate this into our remote monitoring service.

Professional security surveillance

All of our security surveillance operators are fully trained and licensed under the SIA (Security Industry Authority) requirements. They all regularly keep up to date on the latest systems and our in-house training ensures that they always provide the highest level of professional service to our customers.

Our CCTV systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so our clients can rely on us to keep their premises safe. This includes out of hours monitoring, vacant site surveillance, lone worker security and safety, video surveillance and alarm response and management. Whether you require a long-term security solution or temporary surveillance, we are here to help.

We use highly intelligent video analysis software as part of our security system and footage can be beamed immediately to our remote monitoring stations. Through a camera activated CCTV system, even large sites can be effectively monitored remotely, without the added expense of a manned security team.

Where a site is breached, our team will be automatically alerted and live video footage of the site is transmitted to our state-of-the-art monitoring station. The first step will be to confirm that an intruder is present on the site, reducing the number of false alarm calls to the police and reducing the cost of deploying a security patrol.

Fast response security services

The benefit of having a remote monitoring system for your business premises is that we can provide a fast and effective response to any alerts. There is no requirement to have a member of your team on call for alarm call-outs and it offers a more cost-effective solution than a permanent security team onsite.

If there are any security breaches, our fully trained and licensed surveillance team can make immediate contact with the intruder. This involves the use of our two-way communication system, making them aware they are being watched and instructing them to leave the site immediately. All incidents will be recorded, including video footage and audio links, providing evidence if required for the police.

In the majority of cases, this two-way communication will be enough for the intruders to leave. However, if they persist in breaking into the site, we will immediately deploy a security patrol to the premises. At the same time, our monitoring team will inform the police of the situation.

All of these security strategies ensure that your site remains protected at all times. This provides peace of mind to business owners that the site, buildings, staff, visitors and assets are kept safe.

Cost efficient security solutions

Remote CCTV monitoring provides businesses with the same advantages of a manned security service, but at a considerably lower cost. The latest sophisticated CCTV technology enables remote teams to have eyes on multiple locations and provides high quality feed, even in dark conditions.

At a fraction of the cost of an on-site security team, this remote monitoring gives businesses an equivalent level of deterrent against intruders. Camera systems can identify an intruder, gain a clear visual of them and even communicate to them through the two-way system.

Contact our experienced security team today on 0113 532 8350 or email They can talk through your security needs in detail, visit the site and provide a free no obligation quote for our services.

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