Security Dog Handlers

To complement our manned security services, at CEA Ltd we also provide experienced dog handling units. These create an effective deterrent for trespassers and enhance the security presence on site.

Nationwide dog handlers

Our dog handling units work across the UK and provide a cost-efficient security solution for a wide range of different sites. The dogs and their handler have an unrivalled connection, enabling them to have a high level of communication and react quickly to any potential threats.

Working in collaboration with our other security services, such as manned security and remote CCTV monitoring, dog handlers provide an on the ground deterrent. Rather than simply detecting the crime, via cameras, a dog handling unit will be able to find and apprehend the trespasser whilst the police are on their way.

Enhanced level of security

The benefit of incorporating a dog patrol unit into your security offering is the unrivalled senses that they have. They have extensive experience of tracking any threats to the business, through the use of their sharp eyesight and extensive sense of smell. A dog can be alerted to any trespassers long before the security team are aware.

We pride ourselves on the highly experienced and professional dog handling units that are part of our security team. Our dog handlers can stand up to any level of criminal activity on site, to provide a complete security service for your business. 

All of our dog handlers are fully trained, are SIA licensed and have extensive experience of providing security to a wide variety of different industries. They enable you to have peace of mind that the site is secure and employees are protected 24/7. 

To find out more about our dog handling services and to receive a quote, contact our security team on or call 0113 532 8350.

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